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"To design successfully I feel I must be current, relevant, and in tune with my client's needs." - Keith Carrington



Established in 2005 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Keith Carrington Designs’ commitment to excellence underlies every aspect of our creative process. Our founder, Keith Carrington, listens to his clients and provides them with an environment that best reflects their specific desires and lifestyles.

Throughout his design process, each phase is executed with the maximum degree of expertise. He is known in the industry for a high degree of sophistication and artistry in his work. His style incorporates modern with traditional elements. He is renowned for elegance, passion, and timelessness.

Keith is well-traveled, having lived abroad and worked with international design firms. He has also worked for AD100 firms, which perform projects ranging from private residences in the United States to expansive palace complexes in the Middle East.

His work has been featured in Architectural Digest magazine. The creative experiences with varied cultures are clearly evident in his inspiration for detailed, high-end designs.




Residential Modern

Residential Modern

Residential Traditional Transitional

Residential Traditional

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On The Boards



Robert Forrest Designers, Ltd

Palm Beach, Florida & Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"...hard working and focused...Keith's work is infused with both elegance and intelligence, I am confident this is a result of his broad professional experience.”

 —Robert F., President


“As a real estate developer, I have worked with Keith on numerous projects and find his style to be clean-lined & sophisticated. The architecture on my projects is always timeless, Keith with his modern sensibilities, embraces many ideas, traditional and contemporary to create a strong statement. A keen sense of clarity & eclecticism united by luxe materials, Keith confidently masters the fine art of good decoration.”

—Palm Beach, Florida

Liane Lowy

Hallandale Beach, Florida

"My previous designer didn't understand my needs so my friend in New York recommended that I hire Keith. He came in, he listened to what I had in mind and off we went. He should have his own TV design show. Sheer talent. Finally I'm in love with my home-”

—Liane L.

Richard and Connie Stein

West Palm Beach, Florida & Bridgehampton, New York

“My husband and I were selling our very traditional home in Palm Beach and buying an apartment that was all about the views. We felt we were ready to furnish it in a contemporary style and needed a new designer. Keith was highly recommended by a fellow realtor who had great taste and style. Enter Keith. Keith was a perfect match for us, he oversaw the construction and of course all our new wonderful furniture. Keith found us one of a kind pieces from vintage designers which made our new apartment stand out as one of a kind. My husband besides loving the finished look was amazed this was all done within the time our building allowed and right on the money. Today Keith remains a cherished friend.”

—Richard and Connie S.


Celeste T. Harwell

Sales Director, Social Code New York, New York

“Keith was a joy to work with. I am so happy with the work he did in my apartment. He has amazing taste and he came with tons of ideas. Keith is easy to work with and he knows how to stay within budget. I highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for a reliable interior designer with great ideas and taste.”

—Celeste T. H.


Sante Fe, New Mexico & Palm Beach, Florida

“Keith has worked on two of my homes and collaborated with me on a table setting event at The Norton Museum of Art. His original and creative mind, ability to listen and punctuality are tremendous assets to be appreciated.”


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